Reasonable Accomodation Notice




The Milton Housing Authority (MHA) does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of mental or physical disabilities. In addition, the MHA has an obligation to provide “reasonable accommodation” on account of a disability if an applicant or a household member is limited by the disability and for this reason needs such an accommodation. A reasonable accommodation is a change that the MHA can make to its facilities or practices that will assist an otherwise eligible person with a disability to overcome the limitations imposed by his or her disability and to be able to participate in the MHA’s housing or programs. Such a change must be financially and programmatically feasible for the housing authority.

An applicant household which has a member with a mental and/or physical disability must still be able to meet essential obligations of tenancy (for example, the household must be able to pay rent, to care for the apartment, to report required information to the MHA, and to avoid disturbing neighbors), but an accommodation may be the basis by which the household is able to meet those obligations of tenancy.

If you need an accommodation because of a disability, please complete the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and return it to the MHA. You must also submit medical documentation verifying the existence of a disability, and the need for an accommodation to overcome these limitations and to participate in the MHA’s housing or programs. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of your request and documentation the Accommodation Coordinator, or his/her designee, will contact you to discuss what the MHA can reasonably do to accommodate you on account of your disability.

If you or a member of your household has a mental and/or physical disability, and as a result you need an accommodation, you may request it at any time. However, you are not obliged to make such a request, and if you prefer not to do so that is your right.